DofE Resources

Drawing on years of experience taking part in the running and management of DofE. Jonathan has created some resources that you may feel are valuable to your own DofE programme. As a teacher himself, he recognises that anything that can reduce work load is always helpful. Feel free to download them and put them to good use. These are just a taste of a wide variety of resources which Jonathan has developed over the years; as ever if you have any questions or wish for a consultation on developing your own resources, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please note that Exped Education is not an AAP, use the resources presented at your own will.

  • Exped Education Stock Inventory – This can be used to keep to keep a log of what items are available for your DofE group and to quantify the overall cost of the equipment you have in stock.
  • Exped Education Pacing Card for Diary – This pacing card is great for staff that are out supervising groups. A5 in size it can be laminated and taken into the field with them to quickly refer to when needed.
  • Exped Education Helper Information Example Letter – This letter was made to give to anyone helping with DofE. I find it particularly useful to give to parent helpers.
  • Exped Education Expedition Supervision Sheets for Staff – These are great to give to staff when supervising groups. If you are concerned about a groups whereabouts, staff can compare each of their sheets and see where the most likely place their group could be is.
  • Exped Education DofE Dog Guidance Example – I often find that helpers will ask if they were allowed to bring their dogs. As a dog lover myself, how can I say no! This guidance is imperative to ensuring things go smoothly.
  • Exped Education DOFE Budget Spreadsheet – Use this spreadsheet to review your establishments costings when running the DofE. It can help when deciding upon how much to charge each pupil at Bronze, Silver or Gold level.
  • Exped Education DOFE Blank School Policy – This is a blank policy that can be implemented within your school. Please bare in mind that it is only recommended as a guide to producing your own policy and you must ensure that you make any changes necessary for your establishment before implementing it.
  • Exped Education Casualty Care Card – This card is given to all leaders and anyone helping with DofE. It’s a worst case scenario, however it helps to keep peoples mind on what needs to be done in a first aid scenario, whilst not being overly complicated.
  • Exped Education Bronze Training Weekend Example Letter – This letter is great as a template to planning your own training weekend. Hopefully it will save you some time, please remember to change the finer details!
  • Exped Education Bronze Summary Example Letter – This gives parents an overview of the DofE programme. Use it as you wish, however please remember to change it to meet your own needs.
  • Exped Education Bronze Place Confirmation Example Letter – This letter is sent out to confirm pupils places on the DofE. As with all the letters, please change the details to meet your own needs.
  • Exped Education Bronze Final Expedition Example Letter – This is a letter I sent out last year for a final expedition. Please feel free to use it as a template and save yourself some time in making your own from scratch!
  • Exped Education Behaviour Contract Example – This is a contract that I make all pupils sign into before commencing the DofE. I have found it useful as the rules are laid out well in advance and pupils, as well as parents know the expectations.
  • Exped Education First Aid for DofE – This is a powerpoint that I have tweaked from running DofE. It is designed to get across the basics of first aid to participants. Hopefully it is of use to you.
Please note that all of Exped Education’s policies are available upon request. All images are subject to copyright©.